Our Academic Scholarship Program 2024

If you are interested in a Technical Training, those applications are open all year around.  Look for "Technical Training Application" below.   
The money we give to graduating seniors and to the students who are already in college, comes from the Upper Keys Rotary Gigantic Nautical Market that happens at the end of February. Because of the community support and the excellent sponsors, in 2023- 2024 the Upper Keys Rotary Club will provide $200,000 in scholarships to Keys scholars including $40,000 to the Monroe County Take Stock in Children Program and $35,000 to other local programs.
We support students proving themselves in higher education with awards totaling over $100,000 to 42 Upper Keys students attending colleges or universities. They are musicians, nurses, pre-med students, business majors, and a surprising number of engineers. We also offer scholarships for students in Career Technical Education including three Village of Islamorada Firefighters who grew their skills and became Emergency Medical Technicians. (See the Technical Training Application below) 

Applications for the 2024-2025 Upper Keys Rotary Acedemic Scholarship Program will be available in March 2024.  See you then.
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Gigantic Nautical Market 2024

The Upper Keys Rotary Gigantic Nautical Market, presented by Keys Deck & Dock Supply, returns to Founders Park in Islamorada on February 24th  and 25th in 2024.  If you want to apply to be a vendor at the show, please send an email with a full description of your products and needs to giganticnauticalmarket@gmail.com  Note that most places are assigned by the END of 2023.  
The show is all outdoors with food trucks spread around the park.  You’ll find bargains on everything nautical including clothing, fishing and diving gear, boats, and motors.  There’s fun for all the family!  We call it the Boat Show with a beach!   Gates open Saturday at 8AM. Park at Coral Shores High School and ride the free shuttle. We’ll see you at the Rotary Gigantic Nautical Market, presented by Keys Deck & Dock Supply, on February 24th and 25th in 2024 at Founders Park!
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Technical Training Application (CTE) 

Career Technical Education courses typically lead to a certification or license.  They are usually short programs that do not lead to Associate or Bachelor's degrees.  Our CTE Scholarship Application process is open all year around.  We have an application  form and we will require an interview.   
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Requesting Grants from our Club

The Upper Keys Rotary Club may, within budget constraints, make donations to various organizations in the Upper Keys.  There is a form you can download below to request funding.  All requests must include a completed copy of this form.  
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